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"Who Are We?"

Eh up, we're the macc lads. Nice one for visiting our site , so now your here lets tell you a bit about us. Its all very simple really, we are a group of Manchester United fans who share the same common goals. To raise money for local charities, support local businesses and whilst doing this enjoy a sense of community whilst following the greatest football club in the world. A one of membership is a tiny ten pound. Thats ten pound forever. Less than 3 pints. 1 month of Netflix. 2 Chicken Fried Rice. 1 cinema trip....need i go on. 
So dig out that red and white bar scarf and come get involved we would love to have you, whether you have never been to a game before in your life or you have been going for 50 years everyone is welcome. God i love football. Up The Reds. MMUSC

Ron Atkinson Event

"If I wanted a Rover I'd buy a dog"

Tickets will soon be on sale for our Ron atkinson event on Friday 10th June. Keep checking our website and social media outlets for more details.


Big Ron, Mr Bojangles, The Tank,  probably not the only three nicknames Ron Atkinson has had in his lifetime. When people reflect on Atkinsons time with united they will no doubt mention champagne, fast cars, jewellery, fake tans, Bryan Robson, Barcelona 3-0 and the man before Fergie. Two FA cup wins, five successive top four finishes and the most successful since busby pre fergie suggest there was more to Atkinsons methods than just cologne and St. Tropez. Though still the best supported club in the country United had won just one fa cup between 1969 and 1981. The shy poetry reading Dave Sexton had failed in his attempt to bring the title back to Old Trafford and so in stepped Ron. 

Two fa cup wins in 83 and 85, a 3-0 thrashing of Maradonna's Barcelona at Old Trafford, a Cup Winners Cup Semi Final, consistent top four finishes and a ten game winning start in the 85/86 season was ultimately not enough for Atkinson who was sacked after a 1-4 league cup exit to Southampton and a bottom four league position with a third of the season already gone.

Without key injuries in 85/86 who knows what may have happened (Robson missed half of the season) but Atkinson holds no regrets and talks fondly of his time at Old Trafford.

  "I think we would've turned it around with a bit more time, but thats life, I dont have any regrest."

Come ask him all about it at Macclesfield Rugby Club on Friday 10th June. You might even get some tips on your tan.



Wiki describes the 2001/2002 season for United as a great disappointment. Indeed the home game against Chelsea that season was a tough watch. United lost 0-3 with a starting eleven that included Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Veron, Cole and Ruud and the term "dirty thirty" was used to describe the 30,000 or so who left when Gudjohnsen made it 3-0 with 4 minutes to go. United finished the season in 3rd place and could only reach the semi final of the Champions League succumbing to a Ballack inspired Leverkusen and alas there was no "thousands of reds, pissed out their heads" in Glasgow that spring. 

Despite the bleak last few years United come into Thursdays game with just one loss in the previous ten games against Chelsea so there is cause for optimism. Indeed towards the end of the 01/02 season United gained revenge at Stamford bridge with a 3-0 win of their own and 6 years later were European Champions. I guess you never know when the turning point is coming. It wont always be this bad. Up the Reds. 



Name: Mark Taylor (chairman)

Age: 50

Occupation: Self Employed Property Embellisher

First Game: Swindon in the 80's

Favourite Player: Eric

Most memeorable match: 99 final Barcelona

Most hated club: Liverpool

Drink: Carling/ Red wine 

Magazine: UWS

Paper: Mail

TV show: Our Yorkshire Farm

Seasons thoughts: A young team learning and improving every game, the city away game shows what we are capable of we just need it consistently, one or two in January will push us on even more. I believe the whole squad now believe in Ole's philosophy..it can only get better.


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Throughout the season our website will be regularly updated from our memebers trips at home and abroad and from our charity events, the funnier the better.


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