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"Who Are We?"

Eh up, we're the macc lads. Nice one for visiting our site , so now your here lets tell you a bit about us. Its all very simple really, we are a group of Manchester United fans who share the same common goals. To raise money for local charities, support local businesses and whilst doing this enjoy a sense of community whilst following the greatest football club in the world. A one of membership is a tiny ten pound. Thats ten pound forever. Less than 3 pints. 1 month of Netflix. 2 Chicken Fried Rice. 1 cinema trip....need i go on. 
So dig out that red and white bar scarf and come get involved we would love to have you, whether you have never been to a game before in your life or you have been going for 50 years everyone is welcome. God i love football. Up The Reds. MMUSC

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Norman Whiteside Event

Our Norman Whiteside event in aid of the Alzheimers Society was a huge success and needless to say there were a few sore heads on the Saturday. A total of £1,100 was raised and needless to say Big Norm was great company. Thanks to all that attended and donated and did their bit on the night. On the dance floor the older lot showed they could still do a bit and the younger ones learned no to try and hang a banner by standing on a six foot stool. Hope the backs alright Matt.

"I still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and true love. Don't even try to tell me different."

– Dolly Parton

Discussions are ongoing in regards to an Easter event. If you have any ideas, would like to get involved or are interested in sponsoring an event please get in touch.



January 26 years ago. Liverpool away, SKY TV in there second year of football coverage, the last standing Kop against us, George Best in the studio and United looking splendid in black  under the floodlights ( the players not the fans). Everything pointed to a classic and it did not disappoint.

United were three up after 23 mins with goals of utter beauty. Giggsy's chip as beautiful as them long curly locks. 

Liverpool clawed two back before half time through Clough and the flares were lit on the Kop. Ruddock ( later to break Andy Coles leg in a reserve game) equalised ten minutes from time and the scores stayed level.

SKY TV must of been rubbing their grubby hands together at the prospect of a classic like this between to old foes season after season. Unfortunately games in recent times have not matched up but who knows maybe things will be different on Sunday. Although a backs to the wall O'Shea last minute winner would be more than welcome.

If your going puff that chest out and remind them just what has happened in the past 26 years since that 3-3. 

Twenty times.  



Name: Mark Taylor (chairman)

Age: 50

Occupation: Self Employed Property Embellisher

First Game: Swindon in the 80's

Favourite Player: Eric

Most memeorable match: 99 final Barcelona

Most hated club: Liverpool

Drink: Carling/ Red wine 

Magazine: UWS

Paper: Mail

TV show: Our Yorkshire Farm

Seasons thoughts: A young team learning and improving every game, the city away game shows what we are capable of we just need it consistently, one or two in January will push us on even more. I believe the whole squad now believe in Ole's philosophy..it can only get better.


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Throughout the season our website will be regularly updated from our memebers trips at home and abroad and from our charity events, the funnier the better.


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